About the Global Index on Responsible AI

The Global Index is designed to equip governments, civil society, and stakeholders with the evidence needed to advance rights-based principles for the responsible use of AI

The Global Index on Responsible AI

    AI must be used responsibly if societies around the world are to enjoy the benefits of AI while avoiding the risks of even greater social and economic inequalities. The ongoing governance of AI must ensure that new applications uphold human rights and are developed to be inclusive, accountable, and environmentally sustainable.

    Principles, such as the UNESCO Recommendation on Ethics in AI and the OECD Principles on AI Ethics, have been developed to guide the ethical development and use of AI, but new approaches to gathering reliable evidence of progress are required to ensure these principles are being implemented across all sectors of society.

    It is critical to understand the current state of play and to be able to track progress over time. This project will establish a new tool that addresses the need to measure progress based on a shared understanding of what responsible AI looks like in practice, and then track the implementation of responsible AI principles by governments and stakeholders around the world.

    With this new source of evidence, benchmarking the state of responsible AI on a country by country basis, policymakers and community leaders will be able to strengthen national initiatives to advance the responsible use of AI.

    A Human Rights-based Approach

    One of the key innovations of the Global Index on Responsible AI is the development of a fully-integrated human rights-based approach as a foundation for the assessment methodology. This work entails codifying existing human rights obligations that align to responsible AI principles in order to establish concrete benchmarks that will serve as trackable indicators for the Global Index.

    In addition, the methodology is being developed to reflect current realities around the realisation of socio-economic rights, availability of resources, and the diverse conditions within individual countries that may impact progress toward rights-based benchmarks.



    Establish globally recognised and reusable benchmarks for responsible AI


    Assess and track country conditions over time to support and promote responsible AI


    Provide evidence to policy-makers to develop and implement strategies to advance responsible AI


Inclusion & Participation

The Global Index will be co-created with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure its broadest possible use with a specific emphasis on the perspectives of underserved and marginalised groups.

Fairness & Relevance

The Global Index will fairly reflect local contexts and realities and measure a country’s level of responsible AI in relation to available resources and capacities.

Accessibility & Openness

The Global Index and all data will be open and accessible to all stakeholders and researchers wishing to explore or re-use the data.

Coherence & Collaboration

The Global Index will align with other instruments being developed to support the responsible use of AI worldwide in partnership with key organisations like UNESCO and the OECD.

Research Team


Rachel Adams

Project Lead & Principle Investigator


Pyrou Chung

Director of Open Development Initiative, EWMI


Stephen B. Walker

Global Hub Director


Fiona Chawana

Communications Officer


Nicolás Grossman

Deputy Project Director


Nokuthula Olorunju



Nawal Omar

Data and Knowledge Scientist


Zara Schroeder

Communications Officer


Kelly Stone

Director - Capacity Building


Ana Florido

Methods and Data Lead


Jackline Akello



Diana Nyakundi

Network Coordinator

Expert Advisory Committee

The role of the Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) is to oversee the scientific accuracy and global relevance of the Global Index. Made up of a diverse group of international experts on artificial intelligence, the EAC plays a key oversight role with respect to the inclusivity of the methodology and design of the Global Index. The EAC also works to ensure that the Global Index builds on and complements other important global initiatives to advance ethical and responsible AI.


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