The Global Index is being developed with a broad participatory approach to better support the application of results toward responsible AI principles & practices


    The Global Index on Responsible AI is hosting multiple consultations and workshops to gain insight and contributions from various individuals and organisations around the world. Over the next few months, we will be engaging in even more consultations with a diverse range of stakeholders to better understand how the Global Index can be of value on the ground for different groups in different parts of the world. This requires listening to different experiences with AI across various contexts. This engagement process includes:

    • Regional workshops
    • Engagement with human rights organisations, women’s rights groups, and marginalised communities
    • Workshops with policy-makers
    • User-group consultations

    This is not an exhaustive list, and we would love to hear from you about any upcoming forums we could participate in or any ideas you may have for reaching communities not adequately represented in discussions around AI to date.

    Please get in touch with us directly via email at

    Information about upcoming engagement events will be posted on our Events page and on with regular updates on Twitter via: @d4dnetwork, @GlobalIndexRAI, @RIAnetwork.

    Co-creating the Global Index

    The Global Index is encouraging the development of an international network through consultations and collaboration across different spheres. With over 120 countries involved in this project, we are committed to ensuring voices across the globe contribute toward this goal. Join us in making responsible AI a reality.

    The Global Index is being co-created with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure its broadest possible relevance and utility with a specific emphasis on including the perspectives of marginalised groups in order to reflect their needs and priorities.

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