The Global Index will provide a benchmark for assessing progress on responsible AI in over 120 countries worldwide based on standardised indicators and primary data collection


    The Global Index methodology will focus on the development of core indicators and the collection of primary data relating to country-level commitments and progress on responsible AI. This work will be supported by an extensive secondary data review and analysis. Data collection will be conducted via detailed surveys and questionnaires structured to support comprehensive analysis across several categories of rights-based indicators.

    Surveys will be completed by independent researchers recruited at the country-level, and an additional questionnaire will be completed by governments in order to provide further context and insight on work-in-progress and self-assessments in relation to responsible AI. Regional research hubs will be established to oversee country-based researchers and support the review of results and quality assurance of the data collected.

    Global Research Network

    Regional Research Hubs (RRH) will be established to recruit and coordinate country-level researchers, supporting the continuity of implementation, training, data collection, and peer review of results. RRH leads will form an ongoing research network on responsible AI that will serve data collection, but also support post-study activities, including awareness raising, dissemination of results, the development of regional reports and forums, and the identification of additional research needs and opportunities.

    RRH will hold extensive training workshops for all researchers on the Global Index methodology, survey instruments, quality assurance, and peer review processes.

Project Timeline

The first edition of the Global Index on Responsible AI will be available in 2023.


    Designing the Index

    Defining responsible AI principles & indicators

    Participatory and inclusive design of a Responsible AI Index. An Expert Advisory Group has been established to oversee the scientific accuracy and global relevance of the Index.


    Generating the Index

    How is AI being implemented and used?

    In-country research and data collection to generate the index. This phase will include development of a global report benchmarking responsible AI policy & practice.


    Using the Index

    Supporting responsible AI adoption

    Working with regional hubs, CSOs, and governments to engage with the index and report findings. We will also look to support capacity building and adoption of principles in target areas.

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